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alphaland BAY CITY

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alphaland Bay City
The site is on an isthmus between Manila Bay and the Laguna Lake.
With close proximity to the City of Manila and its port, with excellent region-wide connections via Ninoy Aquino Airport, Makati and South China seas, alphaland Bay City offers an ideal opportunity for internationally positioned high-end residential, hotel, commercial and retail development in a growing economy.
The Marina 
The marina is the primary visual focus for the development and provides a world-class facility for yachting enthusiasts. Berthing for 75 large vessels is accommodated as well as the potential to berth one super yacht with heavy servicing located elsewhere.
The Marina Club celebrates the activity of the marina while establishing an exclusive enclave and banqueting venue. The building is linked to a landside drop-off area via a fixed bridge and is serviced  by water taxi. It holds iconic value since it creates a

The waterfront is the primary public activity area for the development and as such, is well suited for high end retail and hotel/ recreation use. A small shopping and dining area meanders along the curvilinear seawall and turns inland to capture an active civic space at the end of Asean Boulevard. The retail mall is separated into two sections by an opening which frames the retail street.

Adjacent to the main road and sited on a peninsula, this cluster of serviced apartments offers guests the convenience of marina and waterfront amenities as well as the privacy of a secluded, high-end residential enclave. The apartment towers are designed to maximize their close proximity to the water edge via a private terraced promenade that leads to a “floating” pool with unique views of a sparkling marina and wharfside promenade.
A pedestrian oriented retail street for smaller retailers, restaurants, cafes and active use begins at Bay Boulevard with a public plaza framed by gleaming office towers that create a commercial gateway to alphaland Manila Bay. Walking towards the marina, the street is populated by well-shaded double-storey retail colonnades. At the end of the street, the Marina Club is revealed through a large separation in the retail mall, which frames a window out to the promenade quay where the public can enjoy the ambiance of the marina.
The intersection of three pedestrian alleys form a compact town space with convenient access to the marina, the parkland and the retail street. The vehicle-free, paved alleys are European in character and are shaded with trees. The residential building type forms perimeter blocks that conceal private courtyards within and reinforce the notion of a continuous and active street wall.  A cour d’honneur breaks out from the retail street and acts as a threshold between the northern and southern blocks. The northern block is smaller in scale compared to the southern block which responds to

The residential park is the “green lung” of alphaland Manila Bay and featured landscape area. The geometry of the parkland continues the curvilinear forms that originate on the waterline and flow inland with a network of meandering pathways and grassy knolls. The space is framed by a collection of high-end residential units that vary in scale from six stories to 24 stories. The building arrangement follows the curvilinear line of the park edge, forming a line of “habitable walls” punctured by balconies and hanging courtyards with a view of the open space, and encourage a safe

With high visibility and convenient access from Asean Boulevard and Bay Boulevard, this neighborhood is well suited for high-rise commercial development. The adjacency of these office parcels with the Asean Business Park helps to blend the alphaland Manila Bay development with its surrounding context. In this way, the office clusters form a threshold that buffers the pedestrian's experience between busy public streets and quiet courtyards and roof gardens. The commercial blocks each feature a band of serviced apartments above the retail street. These residential units

The most desirable property in any city in the world is the bay front, where the view of nature and the sea is prized above concrete and glass skyline. With 32 hectares along Manila Bay, Alphaland Bay City is not only the largest single development of its kind in Manila, but the only one.
A world class marina and yacht club will be Alphaland Bay City’s centerpiece, surrounded by a sweeping boardwalk lined by outdoor caf├ęs and boutiques, overlooked by five-star hotels. Low-rise commercial buildings will be backed by medium rise residential buildings then by high-rise skyscrapers.
Construction begins 2012
Completion slated for 2015


the proposed porject will be divided into specialized areas that will feature six stars  theme hotels. amusement park, educational and cultural complexes, shopping malls, a sport stadium, restaurant, convention halls, state of the art theater, gaming centers, race tracks, residential villages and other facilities at par with international standards.

AZURE CORPORATION  of Japan a leading gaming machine maker known for THis ties with the famed Wynn Resort in Las Vegas and Macau, will construct the OKADA Resort Manila Bay- an integrated resort featuring a 2,000 room hotel and 300 VIP suites, the world's largest oceanarium, theaters, a sport arena and a special museum and giant Ferris Whell similar to the London Eye to be known as the Manila Eye.

THE GENTING BERHAD Group which owns the Genting Highlands Resort in Malaysia and holds the exclusive development rights of film giant Universal Studios in Asia, has partenered Its subsidiary, Star Cruises to travelers international of the local property giant Alliance Global. The concept features several hotels, a world class theme park and a museum, plus what is touted to be the "the tallest in the world.

Meanwhile, Philippines mall giants, SM INVESTMENT CORPORATION, proposes to put upa major luxury hotel, a museum and sport arena - all to be built at their Mall of Asia Complex which joins the entertainment arena. Website:

The Bay City – it is a fast rising central business district along scenic Manila Bay, the only one of its kind in the Philippines. With 1,500 hectares of prime reclaimed property, it is envisioned to become the country’s largest integrated planned development, nearly double the current biggest CBD in Metro Manila.
The Bay City is designed to become the main entertainment and leisure destination in the Asia-Pacific region, anchored on the ongoing Pagcor Entertainment City and the Bagong Nayong Pilipino. Pagcor’s plans include a marina and a grand observation tower overlooking the whole Manila Bay as well as the entire Metro Manila and its suburbs.
Blessed with natural attractions like the world-famous Manila Bay sunset and a serene cove that provides a perfect backdrop for a lifestyle mix of shopping, business, leisure, work, entertainment and authentic resort living, the Bay City is the ultimate showcase of the best in the Filipino’s hospitality and fun-loving nature.
Indeed, the Bay City is no longer a paper dream – it is a thriving community of residential enclaves, condominiums and hotels, places of worship, shopping, entertainment and food destinations, as well as government offices and embassies and countless business establishments that have recognized the strategic edge of the Bay City.
Presently, the Bay City houses such landmark destinations as the SM Mall of Asia, the Blue Wave complex, the DFA’s passport facilities, the S&R shopping mall, the Shrine of Christ Church, the Metropolitan Park, and a thousand other businesses and iconic establishments like the Power Station cluster.
Also under construction in the Bay City, specifically in the ASEANA Business Park, are the Qatar Embassy, a casino development, the BELLEVIEW 888 - BELLE BAY CITY,  ALPHALAND BAY CITY, MEGAWORLD BAYSHORE  E- CITY and other high rise condo ,to name a few. Soon, the Pasay City Hall will also move in, along with the country’s top names in business, leisure and tourism.
This is the Bay City – where dreams become a reality, and where investment opportunities are as huge as the area itself.
Make your move now to Bay City – where the sky’s the limit.

Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City Bagong  
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City Bagong  
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City Bagong  
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City Bagong  
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City Bagong  
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City Bagong  
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City Bagong  
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City Bagong  
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City Bagong  
Nayong Pilipino - Tourism City